/An Experience with Generosity

An Experience with Generosity

Traveling is an immensely wonderful experience. Some find it as an opportunity for hopping between places and others consider it as a way of life and a means to connect with the world – to find themselves and feel the essence of being. Though I was born in Spain, I tout myself of being from the world, rather than belonging to a part of it.Travelling has instigated into me the feeling of generosity and a sense of global conciseness that allows me to empathize with any other fellow person belonging to any part of the world.

Traveling has taught me that the beauty of humanity lies in the diversity of their thoughts, emotions, and perception. Most of us want rather similar things in life—profound happiness, measurably good health for ourselves as well as for our loved ones. All these have ample significance that profusely contribute to the society that we live in. And, how we toil to achieve that can make a difference. It can aid humankind to take a substantial leap into what is common between us rather than fight over trivial differences.

The first country where I took my first travel step was Nepal. Nepal is aesthetically magnificent and I will always have a soft corner in my heart for the country that unbuttoned my hidden potentials through the stride of self-realization. With its unparalleled natural beauty, the country is equally rich in culture and traditions. Along with its geographic panoramas, more than 100 ethnic groups of people reside in the country. Each have their own set of a unique language, culture, and history.

In such a place of religious, spiritual, and cultural harmony, you briskly learn that respect is the first rule to move around. It is not arguably hard to fall in love with Nepali people in their virgin nature – an essence of spirituality and warmth, which is one of the reasons why I keep coming back to this majestic country and repeatedly chant that ‘once is not enough’ after you visit Nepal. I also wish for Nepal that every time I visit the place, Nepal would prosper as a country in the way the world needs.

Travelling is not merely about getting to know your soul, rather it is about being inspired and rejuvenated at any place or situation you encounter. To learn and to do new things has always inspired me and such discernment made me create an organization called ‘Sport of the World’ that works to ignite passion for sports among young people.

People ask me with a happy face why I travel. Travelling is an escape from my usual routine that allows me to explore new possibilities and give meaning to my life. The sight and experience of new things forces our brain to divulge into a process of expansion that utterly makes the moment enjoyable and I further ask the question if it ever happened to you that a second felt like an hour or an hour felt like a second, which is an indispensable experience of a journey.

When I undertook my very first journey of Nepal, I wasn’t mentally ready. I carried a suitcase full of essentials that I wouldn’t need along due to fear. But, after visiting Nepal, I enjoyed my time so much that a trip of three months felt like just two weeks. Such is the enchantment and wonder of Nepal that it takes you into a ride you never want to let go. The Himalayan land has many names depending on personal experience of the country, but for me, I shall call it Granma country as it made me feel home once I stepped on it.

Nepal has many natural resources, special biodiversity, old architecture, but the most significant resource is its magnificent people who in many different circumstances will present you a smile at any moment, and that is what I learnt and took from Nepal.

Though it sounds clichéd, people in Nepal are so generous that despite you ask for three straight time, somebody will let you sit on super crowded bus just because you are a foreigner and you will never find people not helping you when you ask for directions. They even offer it themselves to guide you through the way. This sense of unselfishness filled my suitcase after three months that included memories of many people and their smiles, which I take with me everywhere I go.

There are no cultural differences, language barrier, or judgements, and people embrace everything with a positive attitude – to solve problems as they come. There will be no bad experience from the trip to Nepal. That’s why visiting Nepal made me realize that travel is the perfect way to achieve a sense of global belonging.

Quoting a friendly old man I met in Shiva Ratri (a Hindu festival) the first time I came to Nepal, “If the world is round, we shall see each other again”, I want to express that I will always want to visit Nepal again and again.

-Carles Manrique Ganuza